About us

“Tempus link“ Ltd  was founded in 2008 by Mr. Stoyan Hristov as an enterprise, operating in the sphere of logistics services for dangerous loads. 

The company’s team is the first to offer a complete logistic service to the enterprises from the defense industry in Bulgaria and the region, as well as to the civil explosives manufacturers. Crossdocking operations, containerization, lashing, multimodal  road-rail-marine transport, temporal storage, port operations, armed escort, transport and transit permits throughout Europe, custom clearance.

Crossdocking operations
Multimodal  road-rail-marine transport
Temporal storage

Port operations

Armed escort

Transport and transit permits throughout Europe
Custom clearance
Experienced personal coordinator for your processes

“Door – to – door” service

Our “door – to – door“ service is always available for your dangerous goods and defense related products. In addition to each of our clients’ projects, we appoint an experienced personal coordinator, fully dedicated to planning and accomplishing the specific targets until the project is successfully finished. The annual volume of loads of class 1 and of defensive production, processed by us, surpasses three thousand MT, making “Tempus link“ Ltd a leader on the regional market of logistic services for the defense industry.  


In 2012 we started our activity on the industrial and military explosives and blasting devices’ market. During the past several years we expanded the group of the products we supply to the maximum, offering industrial explosives of any kind as well as blasting devices to the mining enterprises and military explosives to the ammunition manufacturers in the region. All of the products come with a certificate according to the corresponding standard and are produced by first-class manufacturers. It is always directly delivered to the client as per the preliminary approved schedule. As of today “Tempus link“ is the main supplier of high explosives to most of the ammunition manufacturers in the region.